Monday, May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018, Monday

We began our morning checking on the chicks.  They seemed to have a happy weekend.  We could see it was time to freshen up their house, so we gave it good cleaning.  At morning meeting read a story about the things we love about our Dads and a friend brought in a special library book about raising chickens.  The book told a story much like our own chicken experiences in our classroom!  We continued practice for our end of the year events.  We went outside at recess and enjoyed the nice weather.  Our snack was fresh strawberries, cheese sticks and pretzels.  

May 18, 2018, Friday

We began our fun Friday with a very special presentation from Mr. Peter Berton.  He gave the children an in-depth lesson on how the old pipe organ works in the Church Sanctuary.  He even put a tv camera up inside the rafters of the organ so the children could watch the flaps move while the organ was being played.  He took out a few of the pipes of various sizes and demonstrated how different the sounds vary with the size of each pipe.  The children even got a turn to play solo on the organ!  Thank you Mr. Berton!  A very special morning indeed.  We continued preparing for our upcoming events!  We made our chicks feel welcome by talking to them and gently petting them.  We went outdoors for recess where there was a delightful display of flower petals on the sidewalk that had fallen from the cherry tree.  What fun to play with the petals, almost like it was snow!

Exploring the pretty petals.

 We have gathered quite a pile.

 These are our robots.
Sneak Peek

 Exploring the different sized pipes and sounds they make.

 Mr. Berton wears special organ shoes..look our slippers work too!

 The chicks are ready for their temporary house.