Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 16, 2019, Wednesday

"Which Pet Should I Get?" that is the Dr. Seuss book we read today and it is our hot topic at EDS these days.  We have been talking about what pets are, what they can do, and what they need.  We are almost finished making our pet masks.

Our morning workshop tables were a Valentine candy heart color sorting mat, magna doodle pet word wall, play dough, and rice and bean sensory table.  We had a bunch of action in our housekeeping area this morning as a new ice cream party element was added foreshadowing our upcoming ice cream social.  At morning meeting, we talked about the word social and what is going to happen at our special gathering planned with our grandparents.  We will soon begin practicing our special love songs to sing.

Our snack was a choice of grapes, bananas or an orange, and graham crackers.

We continued work on our pet masks, worked in our HWT workbooks for the letter K and made King crowns for center time.  We went outdoors for fresh air after centers.

After lunch we had some puzzle time, worked on our Valentine mailbags and worked again on pet masks.  We ended our day with some dancing by request.  We danced to "The Dinosaur March" and FROZEN's "Let it Go."  It was a very happy way to end our happy day.  .

Photos coming**

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 15, 2019, Tuesday

Letter K for Miss Kate, she is the one who writes these fun blog posts everyday! (said Miss Carissa) Our morning workshop tables were King crown making supporting our letter K study.  We had magna doodle boards for practicing pet words from our pet word wall, and a rice and bean sensory table available.  We also had some gross motor  movement kicking a ball today.

Miss Cathy from the Newport Public Library came for a visit to share some great stories and songs with the children.  They created a fun fish bowl craft after rug time with her, it was packed in folders today.

Our snack was grapes, cheese and crackers.  We went outdoors for fresh air and sunshine.  We were thankful it was much warmer than yesterday!

After lunch we met for a special Letter K story, KANGAROO'S KAZOO.  We worked in our HWT workbooks, drew K words in our journals and continued the finishing work on our pet masks.  We will have such fun sharing our creations with our friends when we are finished.

We met in the Science Room to talk about our new unit about Force and Motion.  We have pulleys set up and a special balloon string to experiment with pushing and pulling.  We discussed how to safely use these materials.

We ended our day outdoors.

Friday, January 11, 2019

January 11, 2019, Friday

Fri-YAY!  We started our day with a new sensory bin table of rice and beans and beads, a pet alphabet grid game, and fish bowl counting.  At morning meeting we talked about our changing Science Room.  Our weather unit has come to an end (sadly with no real snow to experiment with...).  Our focus is now on Force and Motion.  We all got to share a motion.  We read a story called AND EVERYONE SHOUTED, "PULL!"  pictured below.

Our snack was granola bars, crackers and cheese. After snack we had center time where we worked on pet masks, decorated our valentine mailbags for collecting Valentines and told stories about what pet we would be if we could be a pet.

A note from Miss Carissa- You will find a list of friends in your folders, please do not be confused- this went out by accident! 
As discussed at the PAB, we do NOT wish to have Valentines addressed to each child.  It is easier and faster for friends to put Valentines in mailboxes if they are not trying to read each one. Delivering 31 Valentines with 31 friends takes some time, so please do not address them, just sign your OWN name on them and send them in by Feb 12th.  Sorry for the confusion we appreciate your understanding.

After lunch we continued our morning work and then went outdoors to end our week!
Happy weekend!

January 10, 2019, Thursday

We are in an "animal" state of mind here at EDS...our new morning workshop table was drawing what pet animal we would be if we could be any pet animal.  We also had a wash the dirty dog sensory table, salt tray sculpting,  and a new rice table.

Mother Anita joined us for Godly Play.  She read a story called THE VOICE, and told the story of Baptism to the children.  Thank you Mother Anita!

Snack was fresh apples and pears with graham crackers.  After snack we went outside for fresh air.

Our center time was spent working on our pet masks and creating special valentines. 

After lunch we stayed at our tables to have show and share.  A friend brought Dunkin Donuts to share!  After our delicious round of sharing, we played a game called Doggie, Doggie, who's got your bone which is a fun guessing game with all of our friends.  We then paraded into our math room and completed our favorite pet graph.  After some counting and measuring, it was determined that Dogs are the most favored.  Hooray for dogs!

We ended our day outdoors wishing the snowflakes were a bit larger!  They were pretty flying through the air, but very, very, tiny.