Friday, December 6, 2019

December 5 2019, Friday

As these holly jolly December days melt away, we are going to focus more on preparing for our quickly approaching Christmas Show! Because of our preparations, we are going to pause writing our daily reports in your folder until after the holidays. If anything important comes up we will be in touch!

Gift donations for the Santa's Workshop MLK collection are due by Monday, December 9th at 10 am. Thank you to all who participated in the community giving program. 

** Christmas Show 5 pm Thursday, Dec 19th**
This show is a special way for the children to celebrate the season through song and story. Each child got to choose their own part so we will have multiple children playing Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus etc. At EDS we believe that the process is more important than the product. Because of that, it is OKAY if your child does not want to participate the day of the show. It can be intimidating to see such a large audience.

Wednesday, the 18th is Pajama day, please wear school appropriate PJ's. ALL student dress rehearsal is at 1 pm. Your child can wear their PJs to that too (we will try to get a good class photo!).

The night of the show on Thursday, please do not wear PJs or your uniform, Your child can wear something festive that can go easily under their costume. Also please leave all bows or headbands at home since most children have hats or headbands as part of their costume.

Looking forward to another magical EDS evening together!

This morning we wrapped our secret presents and put the finishing touches on our Christmas cards.  This is truly one of our favorite seasons, watching the children delight in giving by making something special for their family and giving pretend gifts to their friends and teachers in our dramatic play!  We had a special math workshop table, too, making our number 8 page for our number book that will be in their portfolios. 

Our snack was carrots, cheese sandwich crackers and pretzels.  After snack we met in our manger to choose our costumes for the pageant.  The children are offered a range of options for their costumes, and some are making accessories to wear.  For example, the 3 kings are making their crowns and the baby Jesus' will make their halos. 

Once our costumes were perfect, we had a wonderful run through of the story.  What a fantastic job they all did telling this beautiful story.  We then took a well earned break outside in the fresh air until the pizza arrived.

After lunch we painted a Santa face.  We also sang our Christmas songs before heading outside to meet our rides home.

December 5, 2019, Thursday

Our friends were rocking around the Christmas tree today!  We have two full trees for them to enjoy decorating and redecorating.  Our morning workshops included working on our secret Christmas present, painting Santa's sleigh and painting our log cabin. 

At morning meeting we had our tweet and greet with a ho, ho, ho.  We talked about the letter R and named some words that begin with the letter.  We also talked our pageant songs through concentrating on what some of the words in the songs mean.  For example, "the cattle are lowing" is a verse we sing.  Lowing is not a typical word.  These are excellent opportunities to grow our vocabulary.  

Our snack today was yogurt, cheese sticks and graham crackers.  After snack we took a few minutes to build Mat Man Santa.  Everyone got a building piece.  Once we were finished, we used the pieces from Mat Man Santa to build the letter R.  We used his leg, ear and foot.  We had some giggles about that.  Much more fun than saying we used a long line, short line and small curve.  Table work followed which included HWT workbooks for letter R and number 8.

We had Godly Play today.  For the month of December, our Godly Play time will be spent in the church sanctuary with Abouna working on our Christmas pageant.  All the children have chosen their part, and we are working on lines and songs.  

After lunch we had Show and Share.  We ended our day outside in the welcoming sunshine.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019, Wednesday

Jingling all the way, we had a busy day!  We began our morning working on a top secret project.  Our workshop tables were Christmas town story table and a table with Christmas themed counting mats.  The children had Godly play today with Abouna.  She told the story of Christmas.  Outreach was here  in the morning for a visit today also.

Our wonderful snack was applesauce, goldfish crackers and pretzels and carrots, or reindeer food as we call carrots.  After snack we met at the stable to group into our parts for the pageant and learn some new songs.

We went outdoors for fun in the snow!  I am sure you noticed all of the GIANT snow balls that the children rolled up today.  Outstanding gross motor activity!  We even built a snowperson!

After lunch we built Santa a new sleigh and began painting it.  We also worked on our snowy log cabin.  It takes many days to build a log cabin!  More work continued on our holiday presents.   Our day ended reading the story Santa's Noisy Night, in the library while we waited for our rides home!