Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy August!

Dear Emmanuel Day School Families, 
I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the summer! 🌞

As we begin to think about the new school year, please SAVE THE DATE for our 
Welcome Back Open House, August 30th from 10 am- 1 pm. 

This is your opportunity to drop in to meet our teaching team, see the school, find your cubbies, learn more about EDS community partnerships and get excited to start the year!! I will also put out our uniforms for families to take at our Open House. 

This year we are thrilled to welcome Miss Sarah Evans to our Teaching Team! Sarah is a Newport resident with 10 years of preschool experience and holds certification in Early Childhood Education. Miss Sarah will join Miss Kate and Miss Terri in the classroom each day. 

We are SO excited to see everyone in just a few short weeks!  

Image result for summer clipartPlease remember to email me a head shot photo so we can begin sprinkling their photos throughout the school!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 
Looking forward to a MAGICAL year together. 
Miss Carissa 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Graduation Celebration 2018

Thank you all for another marvelous year at Emmanuel Day School!!

Our graduation celebration was terrific! From our journey through the meadow, the fuzzy little caterpillar, and the RUNDOWN, to a successful fire drill and an exciting visit from our local firefighters we really went out with a BANG!

We still have some yearbooks available. I will be at school Monday mornings (this week Monday afternoon) and Thursday afternoons.

Wishing you all a peaceful and fun summer in the sun! See you at the beach!
🤗 Miss Carissa

Emmanuel Day School Graduation Ceremony 2018 from Steve MacAusland on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 13, 2018, Wednesday, Graduation Day

What a lovely last day of school.  The wide open space is very exciting for the children.  It is only natural for them to want to run and move their bodies.  Can you imagine that energy and flexibility!  We can only dream.  They have done a good job of using the space.  You will see below that they built a big yellow bus.  It was more about the journey than singing the song THE WHEELS ON THE BUS.  They had to save their singing voices for tonight's performance, so that was all fine.  We were lucky enough to get outside in the morning for some fresh air.  We tried again later in the afternoon, but it was too misty and damp, we retreated.  We told one of our favorite spring time stories, THUMBELINA.  Today we had two different versions of the story.   It is exciting to see what happens when a teacher brings out a special story blanket and story pieces.  It does not take long before the blanket is filled with friends looking to share the story together.  It is hard not to call out and reach for what  interests us the most.  Ohh! That impulse control challenge.  To their credit, everyone is usually satisfied or patient to wait for the second round of the story to have their favorite part.  We always retell the story. It is in the retelling where we stretch their cognitive processing.  The props do not have to be elaborate.  It is often best to leave something out and request the children to use their imagination to improvise for a story piece.  Today we were missing a lily pad.  I needed something that looked like a lily pad!  It was not too long before a friend came up with a green triangle magna tile!  Brilliant!  Then we celebrate the satisfaction of having that tangible part of the story.  We usually leave a table set up where friends may feel free to tell the story in their own fashion.  We ended our day with show and share.  We went out with a favorite!  If you are reading this blog, and your child was not at EDS today, please come by the school for their end of the year Portfolio book and a small gift from the teachers.  They will be here waiting for you!  Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you all for sharing your children with us and for your amazing support of our school!

Thank you Ms. Nancy for helping us with the stage set up!  The children happily painted themselves!  They are excited about taking them home after Graduation.

 Enjoying our last snack time together as we will not be seeing each other for a while after tomorrow!

 Telling Thumbelina.
 We love to switch our parts.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018, Tuesday

We had a very exciting beginning to our morning as three of our friends arrived at school in a real live fire truck!  Holy Smokes!  What a great way to start the day.  The excitement continued as we celebrated Ms. Terri's summer birthday today.  Our friends helped make a giant card for her and we had ice cream sandwiches after lunch.  The weather has been superb for outdoor play.  Let's pray tomorrow the streak continues for our picnic planned for the evening.   Be sure to enter what you are bringing online at Perfect Potluck please.  That would be most helpful to the planners.  Here is the link  The children have been helping with our chores to close up the shop for the summer.  To their delight, one of those chores involved the water hose.  This is how we foster that sense of community.  We all work together on our chores and we learn that work can be fun too.  We certainly had a bunch of giggles and laughs when suddenly the hose went wild and they were sprayed with mist.  They were asked to take off their shoes and socks (for a brief time) so that their shoes would not get soaked, and we proceeded to scrub and clean our flower pots after we planted what was in them in the school garden.  We had apples and saltine crackers and animal crackers for snack.  We ended our day with a special visit from Ms. Kathryn!  She stopped in to wish the children well as they are ending their school year.  

 Thank you Newport Fire Department!

 We have a lot of space to make a giant train track!
 That is a very special fire helmet as it belonged to his late grandfather!

 Scrubbing our flower pots.

 We discovered there is a hole in the bottom.

 It is fun to get your toes wet.

 Great to see Miss Kathryn

Monday, June 11, 2018

June 11, 2018

Today we celebrated a friend's summer birthday.  We made her a card and she shared some pirate cupcakes with us.  It is one of our last days together, so we played, read stories, colored together and just really enjoyed each other's company.  We are very excited for our graduation show, but we took a break from practicing today.  Our snack was cheese and animal crackers and popcorn.

June 8, 2018, Dad's Day Pizza Picnic

Today we played some games together and did some stenciling and rubbings with crayons to pass the time before all the Dads arrived.  The boys and girls were very excited to sing our songs and deliver their cards and presents.  It was the perfect afternoon to have a pizza party picnic!  Our snack was a KIND bar.  We ended the day with the Dads playing some ball games!

Dancing Flowers.

 Sneak peek at our show attire.

 Love the shirt slogan!