Wednesday, September 18, 2019

September 18, 2019, Wednesday

Today was all about Dem Bones!  We painted our bones for our body project, we painted a picture on black paper of bones, we read stories about our bones, and we even danced at morning meeting to Dem Bones!  Our morning workshop tables were painting, water marbles in our sensory table, and sticker fest!  Our friends have really enjoyed the puffy stickers donated by our generous families!  Thank you! Thank you!  Sticker fest is social, creative, and exercises our fine motor muscles!

We missed Miss Sarah today.  She was absent.  Miss Pam joined in the fun for the day.

Our snack today was blueberries, carrots, hummus , ranch, and pretzel and cracker mix.  After snack we met for some stories about our bones and our projects before heading outside in the breeze.  We offered bikes, balls, sandbox play, dinosaur (or bird) feet for balance walking, and chalk.

After lunch we began our superhero murals by painting a watercolor sky.  We ended our day tidying up our classroom together to our DAY IS DONE song and then  headed out to the play yard to wait for our ride home.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

September 17, 2019, Tuesday

What an amazing day we had today!  Terrific Tuesday!  We began with our morning workshop tables which were apple erasers with shape making mats, water marbles in the water table, and race cars on track sticks, and journals.  We went to morning meeting a bit early today in anticipation of our visit from Miss Cathy, the librarian at the Newport Public Library.  During our Tweet and Greet, we received breaking news from Miss Lil that the Monarch butterfly had emerged from its chrysalis and was currently flitting about Abouna's office.  So, of course, we all flew like a flash down to meet the new butterfly!  We were all so excited to see the butterfly in all its glory.  We did not want to keep it long, as we were sure the butterfly needed some nectar immediately after all of that work of escaping the chrysalis.  Abouna opened the window and away the butterfly went out into nature where it rightfully belongs.

We returned for a delicious snack of fresh strawberries, pretzel and cheese cracker mix with hummus and carrots!  After snack, we went outside for a quick runabout before our visitor arrived.  Much like the butterfly, we needed some of that sunshine.

Miss Cathy arrived and read some delightful stories about fall.  After rug time, the children made a craft with Miss Cathy that you will find in your child's backpack.

We then went outside for recess and decided to just stay out there for the rest of the day!  This weather has just been too perfect to be indoors.  We even had a picnic lunch!  After lunch we made a sharing circle in the shady grass and listened to our friends present their super family capes. Just like that, our day was done! 

Monday, September 16, 2019

September 16, 2019, Monday

M for Marvelous Monday! We continue to talk about the letter M.  Soon our letter will change weekly.  Our morning workshop tables were apple erasers with shape making mats, water marbles in our water table, and race track with cars.

At morning meeting we shared about our weekend, had tweet and greet and reviewed our Hickory Dickory Dock Clock schedule.  We sang the days of the week song and danced to our alphabet phonics songs.

Snack was grapes, cheese sticks and cheese nip crackers.  After snack we read a story about families and how all families are different.  This was a great lead in to our Super Family Cape presentations.  Thank you for sending in the homework page.  Please feel free to look at them all hanging on the door in the block room.  When we have such discussions after snack, we tend to skip teacher centers as the children have been sitting and listening for a good chunk of time.  We headed right outside to get some exercise on this beautiful day.

At recess we offered bike riding, bouncy balls, sandbox play with the play kitchen, lawn mowers, slide, teeter totter, and water table discovery.  Some children took turns watering the garden with watering cans.

After lunch we worked on painting our capes and some children met with the teachers to draw self-portraits, work on name writing and letter recognition.