Friday, May 17, 2019

May 17, 2019, Friday

This morning we continued making dino bone silhouettes and telling dinosaur stories.  They are hanging in the Science room if you are looking for some fun reading.  We also offered fossil making with play dough and dinosaur bones.  Miss Brianna was here for Miss Terri today.  The children were very excited to see her familiar face!  While we are missing our Miss Terri, it was nice to have Brianna back for a day.

At morning meeting we learned a new song about a T-rex.  Snack was cheese sticks and veggies straws.  After snack, we practiced our graduation songs.  Perhaps you have heard some of the tunes being sung around the house.  Our graduation theme is summer fun.

We came in to find 5 butterflies flitting in the tent.  It is always very exciting to watch the butterflies up so close.  It was a beautiful afternoon to release them out into the wild.  We are always curious to see where they fly.  One landed on a friend's shoulder for a bit before taking to the sky.  Our new life cycle adventure is a baby bunny hutch by the school entrance.  Our little yard bunny, Carrot, has been busy growing a family of her own.

May 16, 2019, Thursday

Our butterflies continued to emerge from their chrysalides this morning.  We gave them some flowers and an orange for food.  We will let their wings harden and get stronger before releasing them on Friday.

Mother Anita held Godly Play with the children this morning.  She told the story of Jonah and the Whale.  An exciting story, for sure, and perfect as we are practicing for our graduation show which has a story about going on a whale hunt.

Our snack was strawberry strips and graham crackers.  After snack we went outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.

After lunch we headed to the Elms for a story under the magic tree.  What a lovely day for a long walk and visit to Miss Abby's work place.  She read the story THE MAGIC TREE and the children got to explore the huge branches for a while.  We also got to see beautiful gardens and fountains.  It was a lovely day.  We walked back to school and ended our day with an ice pop.  Thank you to the parents that joined us on the walk.